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The Louis Vuitton brand and the famous LV monogram are among the world’s most valuable brands. The Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. The label’s LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury Louis Vuitton Handbags and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry, accessories and sunglasses. Louis Vuitton handbags come in a wide variety of styles that you like. You can get them in almost any possible size, shape or style that you

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While many still feel that owning a trademark Louis Vuitton Women products is the epitome of luxury, Finding a perfect everyday bag is not always easy, but Authentic Louis Vuitton is at your disposal. Louis Vuttion Bagatelle surfaces as the most fabulous everyday bag. Designed for the city Women who are always on the go, this generously sized Bagatelle will make a perfect gift for the lady who prefers to keep it by her side all the time.

Louis Vuitton 10 Analysis

 Leather chemical demand increasingly prosperous raw skin tight leather garments fur industry prices continued to rise high footwear export growth momentum of good non- large leather gloves fire leather side bags machinery development is emerging fast machine -made shoes is a big exporter of shoes !
Editor’s note: According to Chinese Customs statistics, in 2010 China’s total exports of major commodities leather industry nearly $ 24.8 billion , an increase of 19.4% . Such numbers proud and proud gratifying. China Leather Industry outlook is bright . This Editor specially recommend the following for 2010 China Leather Industry overview and outlook of major commodities import and export articles to readers , in order to make the industry more clearly recognize their own strengths and weaknesses , but also hope to bring more people in the industry information and enlightenment. Hopefully, I delight in the industry , do not overlook some of the problems still exist around us – tannery pollution caused by the lack of world-class brands , raw hides smuggling.
Analysis I: In recent years , the domestic leather fierce market competition , the industry is obvious . From 2010 imports of leather of the situation, the competitive situation is still a continuation of last year, the amount of imported leather an increase of 21.7 %. Domestic market yearly imports of leather Louis Vuitton handbags are not only feel the pressure of the contest -made leather , leather chemicals abroad will become more clear between , 2010 to enter the domestic market, the skin of the largest countries and regions are Taiwan, South Korea, Germany , Japan, Switzerland and so on. Taiwan and South Korea in the second half of last year meteoric rise , somewhat surprisingly , perhaps proximity and easier . In addition , Taiwan, South Korea’s popular leather chemicals in the domestic market , also shows that the domestic market for high-grade leather of high demand .
Analysis II : Domestic raw skin tight , has long been an indisputable fact . Import data from last year’s point of view, such a situation much worse . Total imports of raw hides category grew 20 %. The amount of imports which grew 186.6% calfskin ; amounts cowhide grew 94 6 % ; . Imports and the amount of sheep and goat skin also has a very substantial growth ; wet blue leather amount of imports grew by 44.6% . Notably , all kinds of finished leather and crust leather were decreased , this change should be dedicated to the activities of the State Council last year to crack down on smuggling of finished leather .
Analysis III : domestic fur industry in recent years has been an upward trend , Louis Vuitton handbags from last respects fur imports and exports , the international fur trade activities in China are extremely active in the industry , the amount of raw fur imports grew 44.1%. Import and export amount of fur garments and products grew 73.7% , 91.8% , respectively , of which export volume growth of 16.3 %. Fur is much larger than the magnitude of the import and export of finished export volume to the fact that fully explain domestic fur products in quantity and quality have made great progress Cheap Louis Vuitton .
Analysis IV : Although often hear the sound of leather clothing enterprises complain , but last year the domestic shoe and apparel exports still grew by 21.6% , exports $ 2.34 billion , of which $ 890 million Russian exports , exports to the U.S. $ 830 million , $ 140 million for export to Germany . Last year the number of leather apparel imports fell 49.5 percent , the amount grew by 32.1% , which also shows high-grade leather leather market still foreign occupation .
Louis Vuitton Handbags analyzed five: footwear and leather industry has been China ‘s footwear exports highlight of last year, total exports of 5.27 billion U.S. dollars of footwear , an increase of 11 %. Each pair of footwear export volume and value increased by 35.9% , 45.5% , indicating that the domestic shoe market space is still there . And imports of shoes priced at $ 25 , much higher than the export price made ​​shoes . America is still the largest national domestic footwear exports, the total amount of more than 3.2 billion U.S. dollars .

Louis Vuitton And Football Star Of The “Affair”

As early as 2010 FIFA World Cup , Louis Vuitton and forged some puzzled love football . In so many fans , who is the most enthusiastic one? British media on July 31 which for us to make the inventory .Cheap Louis Vuitton Sale Information Please pay attention to our blog

I’m afraid this fashion inspiration Bell dates back to 2004 swept the fashion world , football , Mr. David Beckham . At the time, Louis Vuitton has not launched a black pattern series. And that section of the Louis Vuitton Classic Beckham holding a charge pattern handbag is really memorable .

LV this classic brand is not only popular sport in the United Kingdom , Spain, the player is also very fond of this brand. In 2012 the Swiss airport , the famous Spanish player Casillas tightly LV handbag carrying his aircraft in the next .

Real Madrid goalkeeper Mo Siti the famous LV pull boxes, also holding a playful Gucci handbag.Louis Vuitton Sale Online Information

Chelsea boss José Mourinho manager can be described as the most stylish people . No matter what , you will always find a LV bag at his side. It is said that his passport stamp shell are classic LV pattern .

Mentioned LV bag enthusiast , a man can not be missed . That is Real Madrid ‘s Cristiano Ronaldo . But he was a leader in men’s handbag . In a very long time, the football star in the bag installed what has been a topic of keen . Until 2010 , one day, he took out a banana from this expensive handbag . Let us not help uncover the mystery of I relaxed a little more humor.

No one will deny Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney wants to be the next David Beckham ‘s determination . Rooney on hand to see this LV bag carrying the above actually have special custom pattern belongs to Rooney Oh !

Recently, the Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck on arrival in Hong Kong , hand carrying a very stylish LV pull boxes.

Arsenal striker Theo Walcott in the show his wedding ring , his black LV handbag will fall into the crowd Kuikui eyes .

It seems that fashion Walcott can give his teammates Podolski some suggestions. So Podolski also joined the ranks of the fashion players . Perhaps Walcott Podolski would say : “Hey , dude buy a LV handbag it ! ! “

Famous Luxury Louis Vuitton

LV is recognized as the world’s fashion design and production of high -quality products known. Someone will ask how the Louis Vuitton Outlet bag is well-known ?

In the early 19th century, Louis Vuitton Luggage , I like a trained packer services in a wealthy Parisian family . Then he was Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie delegated to wrap dress . However, he himself did not feel the upcoming fame .

Due to the rich experience of luggage packing , Louis Vuitton began to design rich people like to travel luggage . His first idea was to design a flat and easy to pile up in the fire in the luggage compartment .

The result of this luggage got lightning popularity competitors to imitate , not long before his designs , Louis Vuitton quickly to the unique style stripes and checkerboard design mark his luggage .

In 1854 , Louis Vuitton ‘s business gradually being replaced by its creative handbag . Who better than a bag designed for women in the field of Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags experts do better .

Noe original bags can hold five bottles of champagne. Louis Vuitton is so surprising after Noel after he designed the bag is so popular, and not long before wealthy ladies began to collapse this elegant hand bag .

Color plaid canvas design debut in 1888 . Published in 1896 monogram designs in an effort to offset the production of copies of its competitors . Monogram pattern trademarks are crossed by the acronym letters LV , finished with a curved beige diamond and four-pointed star with patterns.

Today, Louis Vuitton is recognized as a high -quality women’s bag brands. In the production stage , if there is any one handbag Louis Vuitton brand does not meet the standard , it will be destroyed.

Louis Vuitton has been operating an amazing business lasted three centuries and will continue to stand in the forefront of the handbag industry.

Louis Vuitton Goods Become Cheap

LV bag , that is referred to as Louis Vuitton bag , since 1854 , from generation to generation so far, with excellent quality , outstanding creativity and craftsmanship to become a symbol of fashion and art . Because of this , LV bag factors for a number of dignitaries , white , lady , beloved star. They became the things for them to bring to the public places. But unfortunately , LV bag is also our ” genius ” eyeing various spurious imitation enough , flooded streets , cohabitation , regardless true and false . An Cheap Louis Vuitton bag sold for thousands on the yuan, and a spread of fake Louis Vuitton Bags can win tens of dollars , so that the money bag of hawkers selling vegetables also was printed LV. Because of the proliferation , LV bag has faded fashion circles in China , more expensive Hermes bag has become the new darling of the fashion crowd . But I can safely predict that this package as long as the name is generic suppliers who took aim ,it will not take long , ” Cinderella decadent ” and the goods become cheap .